Room 1

Suite Master

All our Master suite come with contemporary, open plan kitchen living and dining rooms and south facing balcony perfect for a sunny breakfast or start casual conversation with neighbors from the street. Exceptional experience, exclusive location.


Room 2

Suite Junior

One of a kind studios with fully equipped kitchens and separated bedroom areas


Amélia’s Story

With unforgettable blue eyes and a spitting face that was a great asset, Amelia is remembered as a friendly and smiling woman, but to whom nothing could be said! Whenever they told her something, and no matter how secret they asked, she went there to skewer the news at the grocery store, the butcher, the fruit store, on the top corner or with anyone who happened to meet her on the street. It didn’t matter who she told! She had to tell and, above all, be the first to do so, regardless of the consequences!

If there was one thing we realized when we asked who Amelia was, it was that if we wanted the news to be made public, she was more useful than the town’s newspaper.

She lived on the 2nd floor of 242 Rua dos Caldeireiros all her life and only those who stopped there for the first time fell into those innocent blue eyes, and told everything that caused so many people problems and contributed to the large percentage of separations and friendships broken to date! That was the essence of it. Whenever they told her something it almost seemed like she felt her blood starting to boil. The neighbors who already knew her as a cherry tree knew perfectly well when she was going to drop a bomb here or there because her plump body seemed to get slender, her black hair shone more and her eyes were huge and almost incandescent.
She was always on the lookout for novelty. It was incredible how much time that woman wasted with that! She sometimes went to the window, sometimes she was at the door, with the innocent face and smiling at those who passed by, asking how their little life, family and acquaintance was going. She took the opportunity to put her nose in everything, throwing “Oh, don’t tell me…!” even when she was tired of knowing what they had just told her, she wanted to be saucy, she waited for the poor soul to turn the corner and there she went, harping, shameless, to tell her what they had just confided in her, whether it was rainy or sunny.

Amelia lived like this all her life and only didn’t speak anymore because there were those who were smarter than her and didn’t give her more cards than a simple good morning.