Room 1

Suite Master

All our Master suite come with contemporary, open plan kitchen living and dining rooms and south facing balcony perfect for a sunny breakfast or start casual conversation with neighbors from the street. Exceptional experience, exclusive location.


Room 2

Suite Junior

One of a kind studios with fully equipped kitchens and separated bedroom areas


Carmen’s Story

They sighed for her and were embarrassed when they saw her, they were envious.

Carmen was charming, beautiful and made gentlemen turned their necks wherever she went, not only for her beautiful figure but also for the color she wore whenever she went out.

The 1st floor of 242 Rua dos Caldeireiros was occupied, in 1871, by Carmen’s grandparents and parents. High standards spaniards, they settled in that street where they formed a family and the story goes on until the days of Carmen, who, despite speaking with Spanish gestures, was already as Portuguese as a codfish cake.

Carmen was gorgeous. A charm. She enchanted men with her smiling “hola, guapo!” that she scratched in a Spanish with an accent from Porto and with her dresses with red and very seductive details that shrunk her waist and widened her hip, which she swayed, vain, when she walked.

Red was her favorite color: it lived on the walls of her house, in the dresses she bought, in the lipstick she wore, in the nail polish she chose, and because of that she was talked about in the street and looked upon as a promiscuous woman who gave in to temptation carnal and led the husbands astray from the others (Eventhough they were going to knock on the door to ask for a little advice, the husbands started to come home later.). It didn’t matter to her because red was more than a color or a vulgar meaning: it was the color of love and passions that she lived within the four walls with whomever she wanted.