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Suite Master

All our Master suite come with contemporary, open plan kitchen living and dining rooms and south facing balcony perfect for a sunny breakfast or start casual conversation with neighbors from the street. Exceptional experience, exclusive location.


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Suite Junior

One of a kind studios with fully equipped kitchens and separated bedroom areas


Faustina’s Story

If there was one thing she liked, and why she was known in these parts, it was always having a say even if not asked to. She didn’t do it for bad, poor thing, but Faustina was born that way.

We don’t know much more about her other than the adventures that we’re going to tell you about and that helped her live up to the nickname she was known for. It was one of those stories that we were hearing further up or down this street where we are and that left us with an open smile, for its typical and authentic character.

She lived on the 3rd floor of 242 Rua dos Caldeireiros and says those who knew her that her mother was also prone to sneak peeps. They even say that part of the old lady’s rheumatic problem had a lot to do with the acrobatics she used to do inside the house just to be able to peek and not be seen.
Faced with this physical condition that left her mother hindered, and having inherited the bad habit of getting into other people’s lives, Faustina developed, during her youth, other techniques that would allow her to be a sentinel at day and a night guard when the sun goes down.

She started by buying a canary. Beautiful, yellowish, he sang that he was rich. It was a joy to hear the bird that spent its days outside and inside, whether it was sunny or raining, just so Faustina could keep an eye on the neighborhood. With so much change in temperature, and even when the feather was changed, the animal couldn’t stand it… and passed away. What a bummer!

Disgusted with the death of the bird, and tired of not being able to do what she enjoyed most, she ended up deciding with what she had at home: one of the solutions was to use the green rugs and bedspreads, inherited from her mother, as an excuse to shake all the time and thus spend the rest of your days “in the sweetness” of gossip.